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Weed Control

Weeds are unwanted plants that bother us by destroying the garden's layout or pavement that has been painstakingly created! These also affect the growth of nearby plants by competing for nutrition, water, and space and can kill smaller plants. Weed control methods can be chemical weed control or non-chemical methods and include hand weeding, mechanical cultivation, application of chemicals that suppress or destroy the growth of weeds. However, the world over the use of chemicals is being regulated and weed management solutions that are chemical-free have greater advantages.

For a completely chemical-free option you can use weed control matting that is designed to prevent any unwanted weeds from growing through gravel, chippings or slate. Our products of weed control suit every project, big or small. Available at discounted rates online, get a further reduction with bulk purchases. These come as natural jute or high-quality polypropylene membranes barrier designed to control weed growth from underneath.

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