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Fascia & Guttering

Our Pine Thick Log Lap Round Shape Cladding is our most fashionable cladding choice. It can be treated for external use, but can also be varnished or painted. The Pine Wide Tongue and Grooved Traditional Cladding Panel might suit a more old school style. Luckily, it can fit horizontally or vertically, and you can finish or varnish it as you need. At Buildworld, you can find a variety of Roofing products. We are one stop shop solution for all your roofing requirements.

More Info on PCV Fascia, Cladding and Trims

Wood may have its advantages, but PVC fascia may prove a longer-lasting alternative. PVC fascia is designed to look like wood but is really plumbing pipe metal, so it doesn't rot as quickly. You may consider adding wall cladding for extra measure.

PVC fascia boards help hold up your eave and gutter system. In addition, wall cladding is the extra layer of insulation outside of a building. You can pick from plastic cladding or UPVC cladding, both of which provide strength as well as a nice aesthetic. PVC cladding or vinyl cladding, however, provide the most strength.

PVC fascia helps hold your roof, but PVC fascia and soffit make a strong combination. The soffit is the horizontal underside of the roof, often referred to as the roof's "ceiling". Its primary purpose is not only weather protection, but to release moisture from the attic.

Similarly, wall cladding is an extra layer of thermal insulation and even fire protection for a building. It can protect either the inside or outside walls.

Trims are exactly what they sound like: a finishing element for a roof. For metal roofing, many building codes require trims.

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