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Lead Flashing Alternatives

If you want the traditional appearance of lead flashing without having to worry about lead theft, lead flashing alternatives are worth consideration. Lead-free flashing is quick to install, low-cost, and can look exactly like classic lead flashing. From old buildings to modern homes, maintaining the roof has never been easier or more stylish.

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More Info On Lead Flashing Alternatives

Using rolls of alternative lead flashing can cut down on labour costs and time while still maintaining the sleek look of lead roof flashing. The added benefit of lead flashing alternatives is that they cut down on the lead theft that has grown in popularity due to the rising value of scrap lead.

How Does Lead Flashing Alternatives Work?

Alternatives to lead flashing are made from lead-free materials that are safe for the environment and provide structural support to your roof. Just as lead flashing deters water and maintains the look and strength of your roof, lead flashing alternatives do the same at a lower cost.

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