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Ridge & Hip Tiles

When it comes to roofing tiles, you're not stuck with the same old flat rectangular tiles. Ridge and hip tiles come in curved shapes. Ridge tiles are rounded, while hip tiles have a sharp slant, like a roof.

These Round ridge tiles and Hip tiles come in concrete, but others come in traditional clay. Like any roof tile, ridge and hip tiles protect roofs against wind and weather, helping rain slide off. Most often, they attach to a roof with pitch. When choosing the perfect roofing tile, we've got the best-fitting choices around including ridge hip tiles, half-round tiles, concrete ridge tiles, slate ridge tiles, clay tiles, and accessories.

The Bitumen Ridge Cap comes in corrugated bitumen to better fit curved ridges and roof edges. The Cromar Universal Ridge Kit comes with everything you need to get the job done for a more effortless and faster mortar application.

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