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Roof Valleys

Protecting your roof from leakage is critical, and preventing it is our mission. The Timloc Wet Fix GRP Valley Trough, for instance, creates a waterproof channel down each valley. It can be used for all roof types and has a gel finish for better stability. Similarly, the Cromar Dry Fix Valley Trough is light and easy to install and has a 30-year life expectancy. At Buildworld, we offer a range of Roof Valley Products. Browse through our range and pick the right one for your roof.

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More Info on Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are precisely what their name implies: valleys (of sorts) where two edges of a roof meet. For example, if a window juts straight out of a structure, the curve of that window's roof is considered a roof valley. Roofing tiles and mortar by themselves are not enough to protect your roof. Please make sure you also touch up the corners of your roof with properly-made roof valleys.

Roof valleys help rain run off the roof by gathering the rain into a downward stream. They must be strongly constructed, because, depending on how much rain they take, leakage is highly possible.

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