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Bitumen Corrugated Sheets

Bitumen roofing sheets are designed for domestic, industrial, and agriculture structures. The corrugated bitumen material makes the sheets strong but flexible and easy to maintain. The bitumen sheet is finished with color pigment and UV light-resistant resin.

Bitumen sheets are a lightweight roofing system that protects against weather, sun, and general outdoor damage. Bitumen is a kind of asphalt, making it a sturdy material that can easily shield from rain, hail, wind, fire, rust, and mold. Corrugated bitumen sheets can protect a building from adverse effects of elements, is a durable and long-lasting solution for roofs, maintain support and protection for 20 years or more.

Our line of bitumen corrugated roofing sheets and membranes come in various sizes, finishes and are easy to install. You will also find several bitumen roof accessories to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Here, you will find sheets and accessories you need to build a robust and weatherproof roof for your garage, shed, agricultural building, waterproofing, or other roofing projects.

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