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Timber Sheets

All our plywood sheets come in varying thicknesses and sizes for your convenience. Our Int Long Sheathing Plywood sheet, for instance, is ready-built for roofing, sheathing, as well as indoor projects. The International Long Standard Hardboard Sheet might be better suited to indoor projects, though, such as floor covers, walls, and sealing.

More Info on Timber Sheets

Although plywood might seem like a weak building material, its main purpose is extra rigidity and stability. Plus, you might be surprised how many purposes it also serves as an outdoor building material.

"Timber" doesn't refer to a type of wood, but rather unprocessed wood. Unprocessed wood either still has its bark, or is unharvested. Although finished wood is strong, timber wood is strong too and is suited to heavy-duty construction.

Plywood sheets come in different grades, such as cabinet grade (A) or construction grade (B or C). They're also made specifically for outdoor or indoor use, and builders must use it as such. Otherwise, the wood could sustain damage.

Builders use timber sheets for cupboards and floor boards, but OSB (oriented strand) boards are treated with waterproof glue and are made specifically for roofing. They work best when somewhat exposed to the elements, such as when roofing material covers it.

In terms of which timber sheets are most resistant to rot, you'll want to go with either cypress, redwood, or Western red cedar. They are also the most widely available and not treated with chemical preservatives.

Timber is also the traditional hardwood floor board material. Popular choices of floor board timber include Tasmanian oak and Victorian ash.

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