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Roof Tile Ventilation

Roof Tile Ventilation allow hot air, moisture, and odours to escape from your attic before they cause problems. Proper roof ventilation prevents everything from peeling paint to costly roof repair.

Roof tile ventilation systems can vary depending on where you live. Local code requirements and climate can play deciding factors on the roof vents that will work best for your home. There are two different types of roof vents to aerate your home: mechanical and natural. While mechanical vents require a power source, natural vents use wind and air pressure to operate.

How Does Roof Tile Ventilation Work?

Different homes have different roof ventilation needs. There are two main types of roof vents.

Exhaust Roof Vents

Exhaust vents expel heat and moisture from your home. Ridge vents are discrete and sometimes not noticeable along the ridges of a roof. Whereas, spinning cowl vents are noticeably moving and use the wind to bring hot air up and out of chimneys. Roof vents like cowls also offer the added bonus of keeping squirrels and birds out of your attic and home.

Intake Roof Vents

Like ridge vents, intake vents can also be challenging to find on your roof. Intake roof vents are usually along the roof edges by the gutters, at the metal flashing on the sides of your home, or under the shingles along the edge of your roof.

Intake roof vents bring in cool air, a process that forces hot air out of your exhaust roof ventilation.

Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation

Maintaining a properly functioning roof ventilation system will save you time and money in the long run. It extends the life of your roof and contributes to melting ice and snow. Roof vents reduce energy costs because they expel the hot air that would otherwise end up trapped in your home, and they help maintain a steady temperature through each level of your home.

The Bottom Line

While all homes and home ordinances are different, installing and maintaining a roof ventilation system that works best for you will help prevent expensive interior and exterior damage to your home. Roof vents will also help you and your family feel comfortable without having to run your air conditioner continuously.

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