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Decorative Mouldings

Coving is a decorative moulding placed between walls and ceilings to create a seamless and aesthetically pleasing look. Also known as cove moulding, it features a concave design that curves toward the wall. You can order it ready-to-use or order or customize it on a job site. Apart from the visual appeal, a coving also keeps dust, spider webs, and other problems at bay. Painting it in a different colour will make it stand out and enhance its appearance. Coving is usually made from wood and is a cost-effective means to decorate your room and can easily be replaced.

At Buildworld, we furnish a substantial selection of decorative timber that adds the finishing touch to your woodwork. Our decorative mouldings are of high quality and durable while adding refinement to your room. We have an extensive range of mouldings to suit every joinery application. Whether you're creating shelves, cupboards, skirting boards, doors or window frames, we've got all the components you need, such as timber mouldings, plaster moulding and more. We've also got parts for decorative woodwork such as picture rails and dado rails and everything you require for tasks like reinforcing joints and bridging gaps. We stock coving from Cheshire-Mouldings and LPD in varying thicknesses to suit different needs and ensure quality and efficient customer service. Our mouldings come to you in hardwood, oak and pine.

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