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Oak Veneered MDF

Medium-density fibreboard or MDF has gained much attention lately because of the numerous advantages associated with it. Oak veneered MDF boards are in great demand these days because of their quality finishing and high durability factors. Add to it the fact that MDF is way cheaper than any plywood and the fact that these boards are eco-friendly in nature since they are made from recycled sawdust and wood chippings. These oak veneered MDF boards are also great painting surfaces as they come with smooth finish and are the one of the best you can have in your home or office. The original oak used for veneering the MDF boards offers high durability, great moisture-resistance and easy adhesion. Also, these are free from all natural defects including splitting and twisting.


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More Info on Oak Veneered MDF Boards

Architraves are architectural elements that belong to Classical architecture. Oak MDF architraves are great for doors and other beam projects. Since the architraves are made from original oak, the grain consistency is maintained throughout the structure. Moreover, one can customize the architraves according to the project’s requirements without having to worry about the architrave splitting, warping or twisting on its own.

What is Oak MDF Skirting?>

Oak MDF skirting boards are ideal for being used as a room’s finishing. When the MDF skirting is veneered using original oak, it offers consistency in grains which is great for surface finish. Such oak veneered MDF skirting can conceal all kinds of untidy surfaces that lie in between the floors and walls, while keeping the walls protected from direct knocks. These are also resistant to splitting, twisting and warping or any other natural defect. One can varnish or stain the skirting for added attraction or leave it in natural state.

How To Buy The Right One?

One needs to inspect the board for the following- Confirming its authenticity by checking if the panel features repeating grain pattern.

  • Hardwood such as oak will have open-pore structure in the grain pattern
  • Check its hardness and weight
  • Check the age of the oak and its origin

It is best to invest in oak veneered MDF boards for all kinds of home furniture requirements as it will not only be cost-effective but will also last for a long time. With the guidelines mentioned above, one can easily select the right one, be it window boards, skirting or architrave for his/her decor requirements.

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