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Our variety of plywood grades, sizes, and thicknesses make us the right choice for your construction projects. We carry the most durable  plywood with layers of plywood sheets held together by weather and boil proof glue. This powerful glue means our products qualify as marine plywood and can withstand both time and weather.

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More Info On Plywood

Plywood works perfectly for a variety of building uses. It's excellent for sheathing exterior walls, constructing interior walls, or building furniture and cabinets. And, it can even help with flooring, roofing, and all kinds of general projects. You can create a doghouse, benches, step stools, or fun skate ramps with WBP plywood.

Many builders rely on plywood to give them the strength and endurance they need in their projects. Plywood is sturdier than regular timber because it is composed of three or more layers of plywood sheets. It's also more versatile and, unlike ordinary wood, combats shrinkage and expansion triggered by moisture.

Our Plywood Comes in Different Grades and Sizes

Our WBP plywood comes from a single producer, Pacific Star. We work with them to ensure that all of our plywood adheres to timber and emission regulations. Our products are environmentally friendly, in addition to being stable and resistant marine plywood.

If you're building furniture, our birch plywood is BB-grade with no visual defects and with a clean and vivid exterior. Or, construct a strong, gleaming floor with our Pacific Star Tongue and Groove WBP Plywood made specifically for quality flooring. It's made of spruce and sanded to a smooth finish for a lightweight yet sturdy appearance.

Outside of interior uses, our plywood comes in standard dimensions for easily building walls and roofs. You can use almost any saw or power tool to modify our plywood to your desired size. They always have a high-quality finish, but you can also varnish or paint them if needed. Plus, our products are impervious to cracking, warping, and twisting.

Trust us for WBP plywood that provides builders with strength and stability in every construction project. Layers of plywood sheets held together and compressed with impressive WBP glue makes our plywood capable of withstanding the elements and delivering a solid build every time.

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