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Stair Baserails

A staircase is a flight of stairs designed to connect vertical spaces with smaller units called steps. The staircase design has evolved with various materials used for its construction over the years. Staircases are sections or fragments that make them functionally and structurally complete. The stair base rail or bottom track is part of the staircase that runs along the top of the stair string, continuing along the landing. These stair base rails support the metal spindles or panels and usually have groves to allow such fixing. On both ends are newel posts.

Stair base rails can be purchased with and without grooves and a grooved glass variety. The Grooves in the base rails make the stair spindles installation easy. On the other hand, a solid or ungrooved base rail is set to the fence directly and, if needed, used with spindles, brackets and clamps. Glass grooved base rails come with glass panels for decorative purposes.

At Buildworld, we stock high-quality base rails and other accessories and stair parts such as handrails, base rails, spindles, Balusters, and ready-to-use staircases. These are crafted out of high-quality wood, steel or MDF for functionality and durability. Our range of products includes various finishes such as pine, white oak, dark hardwood and others. Feel free to browse our range and select the right one based on your requirement.

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