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Treated Carcassing KD & Regularised

Kiln-dried timbers are cost-effective and are free from distortion or drying stresses making them integral to structural projects. The Buildworld stock of graded timber and treated timber from reputed brands is ideal for residential and commercial application no matter what the scale of project.

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Caracassing-Oven Dry

Wood with very low-moisture content is considered fit for use as building material to support and improve the underlying structure of a chosen area. Joists in decking, flooring and roofs can be instanced for commonly cited precedents in application of graded or structural timber having undergone caracassing treatment bearing a certified grade after thorough quality check on low moisture content and consistent durability. Grading timber requires the removal of excess moisture from the timber by having it kiln-dried followed by a pressure test to check for any structural deformation. C16 is the standard grading awarded to pressure treated timber upon meeting mandated parameters, reserving C24 along with higher grades for timber with higher density and structural resilience.

The Essential Pressure-Treatment

Most of the wood used in construction that embarks on a pressure-treatment journey is soft wood, which without treatment can be easily infested with wood borers and wood decay fungus. The inherent flaw present in untreated soft-wood is overcome by infusing the timber with biocides and preservatives under high pressure to thwart fungal decay and assaults by wood parasites. Although the process of inoculating softwood is standard, variations are introduced to produce resilient timber in varying degrees, for meeting usage demands involving an entire spectrum of settings that involve contact with pests and water in varying degrees. As a result of undergoing treatment the softwood turns into resilient timber, raising no demands on maintenance, and once kiln dried its resistance to moisture is enhanced to a very high degree.

The Various Roles of Graded and Treated Timber

Graded timber is shaped and sized to fulfil diverse roles in a project and often treated with preservatives to cover specific areas while combating fungus and assaults from wood parasites. Load-bearing aspects, in house construction, requiring heavy structural strength for long term durability, to assimilate the framework or to fortify internal support structures, that may include partitioning or floor joists, heavily depend on kiln dried graded timber. Roof rafters, ceiling joists, and stud work in basements also rely on graded timber to withstand decay due to moisture and provide a very high-level of stability which is always paramount on decking projects and structural framework. Structural timber in garden areas exposed to high-level of moisture and insects, decking areas, partition stud walls, and joists in roofs and patios need to be treated with preservatives in order to remain protected from fungus and wood bores.

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