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Treated Carcassing KD & Regularised

Drying of wood or timber reduces its moisture content. Traditionally wood was dried using air but is also dried using a kiln. When a Kiln is used for drying purpose, the resulting product is known as kiln-dried timber or lumber. This method speeds up the drying process. When timber is dried in a kiln, the result is a higher quality product. Any infestation of insects is also eliminated. As this is a controlled process, it is cost-effective and does not display any distortion or drying stresses. Kiln-dried timber is very dry and stable and therefore recommended for all kind of building projects.

Buildworld Treated Regularised Kiln Dried C16 Timber has a C16 grade strength for application in building and construction and comes in regular widths. It is also pressure treated to protect against fungal attack, so is a good choice for joist work and roof rafters.

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