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Roof Batten

We offer some unique roof batten boards in our shop—one of them is even coloured blue!

Our Buildworld Blue British Standard Roof Batten is not only durable but comes in varying lengths and sizes of blue timber wood. It looks rather unusual, but it'll still get the roofing job done.

While our Buildworld Treated Timber Batten boards might not be blue, they get specially treated just the same.

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More Info on Roof Batten

You might think that roofing tiles just get slapped on top of a roof, but roofs need a little more support than that. A roof has several different layers, not only for reinforcement but support as well. Roof batten boards create a grid over the roof, where the final layers, such as shingles or roof tiles, will be affixed. Roof batten boards play a part in not only reinforcing the roof but also protection from water damage.

Roof batten boards come from solid hardwood, such as cypress, hemlock, redwood, and locust. They are almost like a foundation for the roof, providing the fixing points for shingles and other roofing materials. How dense or crowded those fixing points are depends on the building itself.

Usually, metal roofing is attached to special metal roof battens at measured intervals covered with batten joint before attachment.

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