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Bolsters and Chisels

Hand tools required for a task depend on the materials that are being used. Tools are designed for wood, drywall, stone, concrete, As well as other materials. In building, tools are equally important for certain applications. Bolsters, chisels, axes are shaping tools generally for wood, stone, used for carving or cutting purposes. Bolsters and Chisels have a handle for gripping and a blade for shaping.

What we Offer?

Buildworld stocks reputed brands of tools like Ox, Draper that are recognised for their toughness and reliability. Our tools are made from high quality raw materials like hardened and tempered steel with superior finishes that give best results. We are your very own online hardware store for construction tools, with a successfully track record. Call us today! We already have a loyal base of bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, engineers, and mechanics.

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