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Brick Joint Rackers

Another set of building tools are brick joint rackers. It is a hand-held and hand-powered tool that removes the mortar between bricks and can be used easily by both professionals and beginners. It scrapes away the excess mortar when you run the rake over the brickwork. We stock the Marshalltown brand of brick joint rackers that comes with excellent features to give you the desired results. The handles are made from durable aluminium and fit perfectly in the hand. The tool features wheels and replaceable point.

How to Select the Right Brick Jointers?

Small but important, the brick jointer is an important mortar finishing tool in masonry. Its primary function is to smooth out the mortar in the brick joints to ensure a longer wall lifespan and a more aesthetically pleasing look. Professional masons often use this tool in their work, starting from the top down while the mortar is still pliable in order to avoid mortar pieces from drying onto finished work. For first-time beginners in the trade or at home, practicing your joining technique on a sample test wall is recommended before taking on the project. It's also important to know how thick your joints will be to buy a brick jointer with the right thickness and to select one that's made from a durable material.

What about Brick Rackers?

A brick raker is another mortar finishing tool that closely resembles the functions of a brick jointer. Brick walls from older time periods commonly have raked bricks as the style. Raking mortar joints is very simple to do. Selecting the right kind of raker shares a similar process for a new jointer in that it helps to know which thickness you will need ahead of time. If you're not sure, you may want to buy several measurements in order to save a lot of headaches once you're committed to the project. Metal brick rakers are also the preferable material of choice among masonry professionals.

Brick Jointers and Rackers at Buildworld

If you're looking for quality brick rakers and jointers you can depend on for the job, Build world is the right place to be! Browse through our wide selection of Mason finishing tools that come with the right measurements for the thickness of your mortar joints. For tips on how to use the tools of the time-honored masonry business, feel free to contact our seasoned staff for help! You can browse through our masonry tools at our online shopping center, and you'll have it from us in three days or less from store to destination.

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