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Diamond Core Drill Bits

The suitability of core drill bits is determined by the type of material that needs to be drilled, hole depth, and wet or dry conditions of the surface to be drilled. Selecting the right drill bit is vital to avoid broken bits, damaged drills, and higher costs. Coring is used for cutting precise holes during construction, and diamond core drill bits are used in diamond coring or drilling.

Diamond core bits can be used to drill holes in hard and soft materials, such as concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, block, pipe, electric switches in walls, and floors, and many others. An average diamond core bit can give you high performance when used with a compatible diamond drill, as these are superior to carbide bits. Diamond bits are the only choice in applications involving super-hard floors, wall tiles, glass, gemstones, rock, pebbles, minerals, Shell, antler, bone, fossil, and hardwood. It is perfect for cutting precision holes for jewellery making as well.

At Buildworld, we stock an extensive range of durable diamond core bits from DART, and Ox-Tools. Choose from a collection of bits from various diameter ranges for maximum durability, with a unique design for efficient drilling action with accuracy, for the desired performance. Each bit price ranges starting from £28.

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