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Glass & Tile Drill Bits

When drilling through tile or Glass, care has to be taken of Glass, making your projects successful. An efficient and accurate drill bit won't compromise the integrity of those materials. Whether it's a DIY task or commercial drilling, having to make holes is mainly required. Drill bits come in many types for cutting through various substrates, and the same is true for Glass or tile. A carbide tip drill bit is best for ceramic tile, while Glass and porcelain tile requires a diamond-tipped bit. That is because regular drill bits can't cut through the fire-hardened glaze of tile and to cut through these substances needs drilling with bits made of tough substances such as the diamond bit.

These bits can be used for drilling a hole using a regular electric drill and may need to be done in the presence of water as coolant and lubricant.

Buildworld caters to a wide range of applications by stocking all kinds of high-quality bits, including Glass and tile Drill Bit/Core bits. The range offered is specially designed to make holes quickly and cleanly on Glass, ceramic, and tile. Our drill bit set comes to you from manufacturers that utilize advanced technology following standards and norms of the industry. Our brands include Bosch, Dart and Tile-Rite and come in 4 diameter ranges. These bits are sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and durable, giving you consistent results time after time.

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