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Cavity Fixings

Cavity Fixings are a range of different fixings that are normally attached to hollow cavity walls. There is a variety of fixing available for use on plasterboard, drywall, and other fixings. Fixings include Self Drive Fixings, Heavy Duty Cavity Fixings, Spring Toggles, and Nylon fixings.

These fasteners are made using a range of materials such as plastic, rubber, and metal. Heavy-duty cavity fixings are made from metal and come with metric screw and zinc plating. The expanding arms and large contact radius give a higher load-bearing capability and safety. These also come with distinctive claws to prevent rotation during installation. Metrical thread enables easy screw-in and a tight screw-up of the fixing.

Some fixings expand by spring force into any cavity. Fully Zinc-Plated or Chromated these offer good corrosion resistance. Long Threaded Rods allow large wall thicknesses to be bridged.

At Buildworld, we offer a range of cavity wall fixings to secure hollow walls along with other fixings tools. Now, secure items to such walls with our strong and high-quality fixing to give you the best results without damage to the wall or items. Our Fixings come to you from Timco that will help anchor whatever you wish. Usually available in packs of 10 or more, these are also well priced.

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