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Frame & Hammer Fixings

At Buildworld, we offer a variety of frame and hammer fixings to suit all your needs. Whether you’re looking for nylon hammer fixings or metal, Buildworld is the one-stop-shop for you. See what we have in store for you.

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More Info On Frame & Hammer Fixings

Hammer fixings are fixings (pieces of material that go into a surface to provide support) that allow you to hammer a screw into a wall or surface. Frame fixings go into frames for support. Using fixings helps prevent damage to your walls, and it adds support to handle the weight of an item. Fixings are also useful in hollow walls where there isn’t an eligible stud to hit. Let’s look at the differences between hammer and frame fixings. In most cases, you’ll choose hammer fixings over frame fixings.

Being able to hammer screws reduces the need for carrying a drill or screwdriver. It can also speed up the process of putting screws into a wall. Hammering can also prevent stripped screws, which is possible with drills.

Hammer fixings are small pieces of plastic or metal that you put into a wall for support. Once mounted, you add a screw to the middle and use your hammer to tap the screw in.

The inside of a hammer fixing consists of threading, similar to a screw. These threads fold over as the screw pushes against them.

The thread then grabs hold of the ridges of the screw to secure it into place. You may feel resistance when hammering your screw in as the thread attempts to catch the screw.

Frame Fixing

Frame fixing is a fixing that you can see on the outside of the frame. The area you can see is the visible fixing.

Concealed fixing happens when the fixing head is covered by a strip that sets into the frame, making the fixing unseen.

Frame fixings are typically used with frames where you require something to attach securely to a wall. These mechanisms are also useful for securing heavy items and in industrial settings.

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