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Frame & Hammer Fixings

Hammer and Frame Fixings are used for securing timber or plastic to metal or masonry. The plug expands when hammered in, to create a secure anchor and can be unscrewed to be removed, making it a simple mechanism. These small pieces of plastic or metal are put into a wall mainly for support.

Hammer fixings are specifically designed to have the screw hammered in while Frame fixings are used for more heavy-duty applications for attaching uPVC, wood, and metal frames to wood or PVC masonry. Once mounted, you add a screw to the middle of the Hammer fixing and use your hammer to tap the screw in. These allow you to hammer a screw into a wall or surface.

Frame fixings go into frames for support. Frame fixings are typically used with frames where you require something to attach securely to a wall. These mechanisms are also useful for securing heavy items and in industrial settings. Fixings are also helpful in hollow walls where there isn’t an eligible stud to hit.

At Buildworld, we offer Hammer fixings, Frame Fixings, fixings frames, nylon plugs, screws, and more made for quick and easy installation at discounted prices.

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