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Self-Drill Fixings

As the name suggests, these fixings can be used without the need for a drill and support application in single and double-thickness plasterboard. These drywall fixings feature a deep-out thread in the design that gives a firm grip and has a short length for compatibility with drywall thickness. So how do you fix these fixings to drywalls or plasterboard walls? Simply piece the fixing where needed and screw till flush. At Buildworld, our self-drive fixings come to you from brands like Rawlplug, Timco, Dale Hardware, Fischer, and more. Manufactured from high-quality materials, these are time and energy-saving and easy to use. Plasterboard Fixings are a range of different fixings that are usually attached to drywalls. There is a variety of fixing available for use on plasterboard. These include the self drill variety.

These tools can also provide a secure fixing into lightweight and aerated concrete blocks. This type of anchor can be made of plastic, nylon, or come zinc-coated. Their biggest advantage is that these can be removed without much hassle and used elsewhere. Perfect choice for light switches, electrical sockets, pictures, timber or metal battens, and bathroom fixtures.

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