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Sleeve Anchors & Wall Bolts

Sleeve anchors are used in masonry anchoring jobs. These tools provide anchoring on a range of materials and are often permanent fixtures needed under some conditions during the construction process. These are typically used when fixing close to the edge of brick or stone, drilling and using screws and bolts which expand in their wall plugs and can cause the wall to crack or split. At Buildworld, we offer an extensive range of masonry fixings for all your exterior projects. Our range includes Sleeve Anchors, Fixings, Projecting Bolts, wall plugs and more to get the job done.

These anchors can hold heavy loads and are of 2 types: Nut Driven anchors: provide additional strength, are corrosion resistant, and are most suited for securing medium loads. Fixed using a wrench. Flat-head anchors: are used with flush surfaces for applications where jutting fixtures. These are fastened into the hole by a screwdriver.

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