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Spring Toggles

At Buildworld, take advantage of an extensive range of spring toggles from popular brands at the best prices. Designed with top quality materials, these can be used in thick and thin wall applications and fixed through all types of hollow material. Check out our online and offline options. Different fixings are used in build and construction projects that can play a primary or supporting role in holding loads of all kinds.

Spring Toggle bolts are an anchor method found in a great many applications. A toggle bolt needs a pilot hole for fixing. It has wings that fit behind the drywall giving a solid holding power. It comes in a variety of lengths to be able to anchor thicker material. The two metal wings are spring-loaded and open behind the wall upon insertion, giving a firm fix.

Spring toggles are specially designed for small cavity depths and made of zinc-plated steel for durability. These can fix light or medium weight items into plasterboard walls and cavities or blind fixing in hollow steel. The flipside of using spring toggles is that you need to drill a big hole for the tool's mechanism to be inserted through the surface material.

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