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A clamp is a tool to secure or hold objects with at least one movable grip, which can be adjusted to fasten objects together and prevent movement or separation. It's a simple concept that can adapt itself to any imaginable project. Whether you're working with wood, plastics, metal, or assembling anything with more than one component, a clamp exists to secure your elements temporarily.

Hand-held clamps suffice when gluing or making minor welds. Larger F clamps or Bar clamps can be attached to a bench and can stabilize bulky items. We stock over 20+ clamps from leading brands such as Ox-Tools at Buildworld, and have the right tools for your task. Please feel free to speak to our customer service representative, who can help guide you to the suitable clamp for your needs.

Common Clamp Types used in building are available from our site. Although no one clamp possesses the versatility to accomplish every bracing requirement, you can conquer most projects if you own the following types of clamps, G Clamp, Locking clamp, Speed F Clamp, Quick-Grip Bar Clamp, T Bar Clamp, spring clamps, Sash Clamp and Trigger or Ratchet Clamp.

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