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Files are abrasive tools used on wood, metal and other hard materials for smoothing surfaces or enlarging and finishing openings. They are made out of hardened steel. They may be cut (toothed) on two or more sides or have a smooth side. Cuts can be single (with rows of cuts going in one direction) or double-cut (with rows of cuts crisscrossing in two directions)—the smaller and closer the cuts, the finer the file. Files come in a range of shapes and sizes. They have different cross-sections (square, rectangular, triangular, round or arc-shaped) and may be straight or tapered. We offer a range of quality files for all kinds of jobs, big and small. Our range comprises Millsaw, Flat, Needle, Saw chainsaw, Round, Square and Wood Horse Rasps Files.

Flat Files are flat in shape, have a rectangular cross-section, and may have a single or double cut. Millsaw is straight files with a rectangular cross-section. They are used primarily to sharpen circular saws and mill saws. Square Files have a square cross-section and are cut on all four sides. They are used for various tasks, including filing slots or keyways with a square or rectangular cross-section. Round Files have circular cross-sections and tapers from heel to point and are used for filing concave surfaces or round holes. Needle Files are fine and pointed, and may have any cross-section and are used for fine work and small openings. Saw Chainsaw Files are rounded and tapered and are used to maintain and sharpen saw chains. A horse rasp is a rectangular rasp with raised teeth for removing more significant amounts of material. Wood horse rasps are designed for use on wood. Come and explore our range to see our entire stock, and select the right one that suits your requirement.

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