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Hand sanders are helpful for all types of projects, from simple wooden craft boxes to large industrial remodels. They can smooth away rough edges and surfaces on all types of wood. Specific sanders may also help smooth and polish tile, metal, fibreglass, concrete, and drywall. For small or highly detailed projects, such as crafts and light building, sanding sheets and belts give you the most control and often produce the smoothest finish. However, they can be tedious to use and may need to be frequently replaced if you do a lot of sanding. Sanding bars are great for general use in building construction and remodelling. They produce a smooth, polished finish but are not as flexible as sanding sheets and belts, so they can be harder to use in tight spaces. Some sanding bars available at our website come with a long pole attachment, allowing you to easily reach beams, upper walls, and ceilings. These types of hand sanders are excellent for large construction projects and for sanding hard-to-reach areas.

Products displayed below come in various styles, including sanding sheets, vacuum sanders, handheld sanding bars, and sanders with poles, so you can choose whatever type works best for you. We have all the top brands, including Stanley, DeWalt, Marshalltown, ProDec, RST, and Faithfull. Regardless of the kind of sander you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a nice smooth finish as long as you sand thoroughly and don’t become impatient.

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