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Hand Sanders

Whatever your woodworking project needs, Hand sanders are helpful for all types of jobs, from simple wooden craft boxes to large industrial remodels. They can smooth away rough edges and surfaces on all types of wood. Specific sanders may also help smooth and polish tile, metal, fiberglass, concrete, and drywall.

For small or highly detailed projects, such as crafts and light building, sanding sheets and belts give you the most control and often produce a fine finish. Sanding bars are great for general use in building construction and remodeling. Sanders can be manual sanders or electric or power sanders. An electric sander is a hand-powered tool and is far more efficient as compared with manual models. There are different kinds of sanders based on function and design, such as orbital sanders, palm sanders, belt sanders and we offer a great choice at our website from the leading brand, Ox-Tools.

Get the best quality equipment and tools for any woodworking project such as an orbital sander, electric sanders, sanding sheets, vacuum sanders, handheld sanding bars, and sanders with poles, so you can choose whatever type works best for you. Browse our range of sanders in many sizes and designs.

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