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Hexagon Keys

Hexagon Keys or Allen keys or Hex Keys are used for tightening or loosening bolts, especially the smaller ones that are difficult for other tools to access. The Hex Keys are simple hand tools that were invented as an alternative for screwdrivers.

Hex keys are hand tools mostly forged into an L-shape, from a single piece of metal such as chrome vanadium steel into a small one, although there are a number of variations on this basic format. The Hex Key is usually held and twisted by its long arm, creating a large torque at the tip of the short arm; alternatively, it can be held by its short arm to reach screws in confined areas and to turn screws faster.

There are different types of Hexagon Keys available at Buildworld, from leading brands such as Oracstar. Select from a range of individual hex keys or a folding tool with multiple keys, a compact solution for many scenarios.

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