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A screwdriver always finds a place in any toolkit and is designed to drive screws manually into various substrates. It has a handle and shaft with models in a variety of screw head types and sizes to suit compatible screws. The shaft or blade is usually constructed from tough steel to resist bending and twisting. Additional features in the tool can include magnetized tips for firm contact whilst driving and rubber handles for better grip.

There is an excellent range of choices at Buildworld including screwdrivers for slotted head screws, Phillips drive screws, Pozidriv screws, Impact drivers & screw bits, and screwdriver sets. Since screwdrivers come in all shapes and sizes, it helps to ensure your toolbox has a nice variety.

Get the right screwdriver for the job, Short handle length ones can be handy if you need to get into tight spaces. Long ones also play an important role when you need to get down into a tight spot. We stock tools from brand Ox Tools at our online store and ensure quick delivery once you order.

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