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Sharpening Tools

Buildworld sells a variety of sharpening tools. If blades aren't properly sharpened, they become dull over time. Regularly sharpened saws and knives make finer cuts and last longer than those that don't receive the appropriate care. You can find blade sharpening products online or at the Buildworld store in Leicester.

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Stanley Laminate Trimmer

Stanley Laminate Trimmer

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More Info On Sharpening Tools

The three most popular sharpeners are oil stones, water stones, and diamond whetstones. In the United States, most oil stones are made from novaculite, a rock found in Arkansas. For this reason, they're also known as Arkansas stones. They received the name "oil stone" because oil is used to remove debris and to lubricate the surface.

Waterstones use water rather than oil and have a softer surface. You can sharpen tools faster than you can with oil stones, in large part because the surface is softer and less abrasive, allowing for a finer, cleaner cut.

Diamond whetstones are made out of diamonds rather than stone. The diamonds are organized on the top of a metal sheet and are sharper than oil and wet stones. These typically last longer than other types of sharpeners, but they're also much more expensive. You may have to spend a little more money, but you get what you pay for when you invest in diamond whetstones.

Find the Sharpener That's Right For You!

Before you head to Buildworld, determine how much you're willing to spend and make a list of the ways in which you plan to use it. Sharpeners come in many forms. They're not something you buy on a whim. Take the time to find a sharpener that's affordable, and that satisfies your wants and needs.

Stop by today or go online to find your next oil, water, or diamond whetstone. When you get to the store, speak with one of the experienced, knowledgeable staff members. They'll show you around and will take the time to explain the wide variety of products in stock. When you need to sharpen your blades, saws, and knives, take a trip to Buildworld.

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