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Tools are an essential part of any job, and they need to be kept in pristine condition to keep them functional and as good as new. Without good quality storage for them, your tools would suffer, and the results also wouldn’t be as desired. So it makes good financial and practical sense to take good care of them. Besides, to save time and effort, these also need to be properly organised. Without proper organisation, it’s all too easy to throw your tools into the back of a van at the end of a job, but as many of us know, that is not something that will have a positive outcome in the long run. Here, at Build world, we offer a range of Toolboxes, Bags & Pouches. Explore our range and find the best one that suits your requirement.


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To avoid damaging and losing your essential kit, it’s well worth investing in a range of hard-wearing, good quality storage bags and boxes, that will help you stay on track. There are many specialised options available for different kinds of tools, but for a general selection, tool bags are a perfect choice. These come in a choice of styles and ranges—from small, flexible pouches, to much larger toughened versions with solid bases. An open-topped tote bag could be the ideal choice when you need a clear view of your tools, and a metal based handle will allow extra support when carrying heavier items. Some of the bags even feature wheeled bases, to make transporting them, even easier.

Tool boxes are another option you may wish to consider. A solid option, these come in various sizes and are generally made of toughened plastic or metal. They usually feature strong clipping or locking devices on the top of the lids and sometimes have individual compartments to store smaller tools and fixings. There are also organiser versions to save precious time when trying to find that ideal screw or nail just when you need it.

But you don’t always want to carry all your tools around in one go. In fact, there are many jobs where you just need to be able to carry and use your essential items while working in a tight space or awkward position. In this instance, work belts are a tried and tested method for lending a well-needed hand. Work belt fits securely around the waist area and provides various pouches for your tools while remaining mobile and close to you at all times.

The most common, everyday tools to want close to hand, are often hammers, pliers and a measuring tape and even provide specialist options for these. Hammer holders are designed to safely and securely hold the hammer close until you need it, and tape and plier holders do a similar job, designed for smaller items.

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