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Wood Working Tools

Woodworking is a broad category and can be found in many industries like construction, art, and design. It involves cutting and shaping wood into different desired shapes for your particular project. Woodworking is not possible without the tools needed in the execution of the tasks. Companies are slowly diversifying their products to meet a larger client base and be in line with their competitors. From different brands to different sizes, all these tools are available to anyone who needs them at buildworld.

More Info on Wood Working Tools

  • Nail pullers: just as the name suggests, they are tools specifically intended to pull out nails especially those that are at a fixed places. It is also known as a cat's paw.
  • Nail punches: tools used to punch or hammer in nails below the upper surface of the wood. A way of using it is placing it on the nail against the surface you want to drill the nail and pull the spring back. Maintain the pressure on the nail head driving the nail right through.
  • Bench hooks: they are pieces of wood used to hold your work still especially when you are using a chisel on your job. They are mainly for the core woodwork tasks like drilling holes to make work easier.
  • Bradawls: these are hand tools which are with a blade that looks alike with the one for a screwdriver and is used to make the nail insertion procedure easier.
  • Chisels – Bevel Edges: they are designed for creating joints. It is used to cut through a block of wood in conjunction with a hammer to run it through
  • Mitre Boxes and Blocks: these are tools used together with a saw to make very precise mitre cuts. For example, they help you craft picture frames with the 45-degree cut.
  • Surform Planes: it is used to reduce the thickness of a surface or flatten it. Additionally, it is used on wood, plastic, and foam.
  • Woodturning tools: various woodturning tools include skew chisels (they give a good finish on the wood), gouges and specialty tools.

We stock the above tools, and you can order the specific device you want online or through a simple phone call. The prices are friendly enough, and we will work within your budget to ensure you get the best of services. Woodworking tools are an essential requirement especially for those in the related professions but also on your necessary personal fixings.

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