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Panel Pins

Panel pins come from stainless steel, though they sometimes come from copper too. While they look and feel delicate, they stick firmly in place when hammered in. Panel pins typically provide just a little extra strength in smaller woodworking projects. Their thin, slender shape works best for joinery work, such as attaching backs to cabinets, wardrobes, or bookshelves. They're usually best suited for soft or medium-strength wood. Thanks to panel pins' small sizes, they become almost invisible when driven far down. You can use a punch to drive the nail further down and then use a wood filler to hide the nail from view completely. Our shop's panel pins are as essential as they come but are perfect for your joinery projects. The zinc-coated Timco Panel Pins has a 2-point corrosion rating, meaning it may not take the best to wet or humid conditions, but it is still a strong choice for indoor projects.

We also carry a "bright" version of the Timco Panel Pins. They do not have a zinc coating for rust protection, but this should not be a problem for indoor woodwork. Browse through our entire range of panel pins, and select the right pins based on your requirement.

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