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Garden Hand Tools

Digging is not as mundane and straightforward as it sounds; choosing the right tool not only makes your task easier but enjoyable and capable of begetting the proper composure required for breaking the soil. We invite you to browse through our catalogue of garden hand tools, which comprises leading brands in the digging tool segment, to help you dig better. We offer a range of tools in this category, including spades, shovels, trowel and soil knives, and a lot more. Spades are excellent for prying rocks while cutting into the soil and digging holes which is its strong suit. Shovels have a larger blade, although slightly rounded tip compared to a spade that hints at scooping: primarily loose soil, foliage or mulch. A shovel has a longer handle which makes it better suited for cleaning the terrain, although it may be used for digging in areas where the soil is soft without too many roots and rocks.

Trowel and Soil Knife

Highly instrumental in transplanting plants, the handy Garden Trowel performs the functions of a spade as well as a shovel to dig holes, remove weeds, and make small furrows for cultivation. Soil Knives imitates the trowel with the minor addition of being equipped with a serrated edge on one side for the purpose of severing roots beneath the soil.

Helping the soil breathe

Formulated with sturdy square tines—Garden Forks also known as Spaded Forks break strong patches of compressed soil like no other gardening tool—to facilitate soil aeration as its central role. The thick tines on spaded forks yield excellent results in areas beset with an overwhelming number of rocks in the soil.

Rake it in

Multi-faceted tools like Bow Rakes are at the forefront of garden cultivation. They are incredibly versatile in their application, whether applying mulch or clearing leaves or levelling seedbeds by working the soil. Bow Rakes are far more robust than Leaf Rakes which are exclusive to overall cleaning and maintenance of the garden area.

Pick Axe grunt and the gentle Dibber

Highly reliable in levelling work, the Pick Axe is able to break hardened mounds of soil that have toughened over a period of time and are difficult to negotiate with other manual digging tools. Dibbers, also known as Dibbles, are handy little tools, highly effective in planting seeds and seedlings and transplanting seedlings with a few leaves and planting bulbs on delicate soil that can be easily pulverized.

Handling digging tools is a matter of dexterity often attempted with a combination of designs and materials. The handle in the digging tools segment has emerged as the huge deciding factor. Although fibre-glass handles are rising in popularity, there is equal demand for instruments with wooden and metal handles, with more emphasis being laid out on the ergonomic aspect, in the interest of wielding better synchronicity to obtain higher leverage while reducing injury incidences.

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Roughneck Micro Fork YD

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