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Countersink Bits

Countersink bits are engineered and work by making a hole in the substrate that can fit the countersunk screw head shape. This shape ensures that the screw contacts the substrate or wood with an equal force to create a solid joint between the screw and the wood. Whether you are working on a repair and fixing project or just some simple maintenance, the countersink bits are built to ensure that you meet the needs of your work. The fixings are especially useful in situations where more sturdy fixing is needed in woodworking and building projects.

At Buildworld, we offer countersink bits in a range of point angles, but mostly the angle is 90°. Short fluted designs are ideal for metal and are made of High-Speed Steel (HSS) for this purpose. The longer Countersink is created from Carbon Steel and preferred for working in wood. Get our high-quality bits in lengths ranging from 31 to 40mm from Dart. We offer these in packs of 4, 5, 6, and 7 units for your convenience.

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