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Electric Sanders

Electric sanders are meant to take the legwork out of even the most challenging carpentry tasks. As they are powered by electricity, the user can enjoy greater levels of power and control. Some will employ a rechargeable battery pack while others utilise a corded attachment. There is a wide range of styles and varieties to choose from. A handful of the most common includes palm sanders, circular sanders, belt sanders and those with a telescopic reach (often referred to as giraffe sanders). Let us examine some of these variants in greater detail.

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Choosing the Correct Model

The first consideration when examining the types of electric sanders is the intended task to be undertaken. Specific projects such as smoothing down the surface of a wooden ceiling before staining will likely benefit from the use of a telescopic giraffe sander. However, those looking for a universal device may be wiser to opt for a belt sander or a palm sander. These are both lightweight and portable, so they are ideal for the majority of common jobs. The final metric is the brand name, as this will directly equate to the reliability of the device. Novices and professionals alike will often select companies such as DeWalt, Makita and Flex Power Tools due to their robust reputation.

Belt Sanders

As their name hints, belt sanders employ a looped belt which fits around two rotating fixtures. These offer firm hand grips and they are commonly used for projects such as planning (when a flat surface needs to be ground down or polished). However, these electric sanders can also be employed for rounding edges and corners (such as when addressing mouldings or window sashes). The belts of sandpaper can be quickly replaced once they begin to lose their grit and they are firmly held in place through proprietary locking mechanisms. Most common types of sandpaper can be used within these devices. This will primarily depend upon the task at hand.

What are Long-Reach Giraffe Sanders?

These electrical sanders are meant to be used when working at heights or during situations when overhead tasks prove challenging. A telescopic pole can be adjusted to various lengths, and this offers an extra level of control while the user will not become fatigued. In the majority of cases, a circular sanding head is attached to the tip. Various grits are available, so giraffe sanders can be used for rough work as well as finishing projects.

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