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Nail & Staple Guns

Nail and staple guns are widespread tools within the modern workplace. These devices are intended to affix two or more materials together. Some examples here can include cabinetry, plasterboard, carpets and mouldings. Several different methods can power these handheld tools, and depending upon the need, nails or staples can be used. Here, at Buildworld, we offer a range of Nail & Staple Guns. From Pneumatic to Cordless Models, we have a wide variety of products in this category. Explore our range and pick the right one that suits your requirement.

Gas-powered units utilise pressure to eject nails or staples from their tip. Cordless Nail or staple guns are excellent options when mobility is a concern. These can be powered by gas or a built-in electrical supply (such as a rechargeable lithium-ion battery). Pneumatic devices utilise the power of air to propel a staple or Nail into a material. One of the advantages associated with these variants is that it is sometimes possible to adjust the output of the air. Thus, more or less pressure can be used to penetrate materials. This is useful when dealing with substances such as concrete or masonry. Mains-Powered Guns are powered by mains electricity with the help of a cord. Their main advantage is that they will not need to be recharged, as a constant supply of power is always present. Novices and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will often opt for this version, as it can be easily kept within the average workshop.

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Tacwise Master Nailer 240V

Tacwise Master Nailer 240V

Tacwise | Not Yet Rated £124.09
Tacwise Finish Nailer 240V

Tacwise Finish Nailer 240V

Tacwise | Not Yet Rated £142.71
Bahco Impact Wrench Kit

Bahco Impact Wrench Kit

Bahco | Not Yet Rated £225.58

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