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Planners, Biscuit Jointers & Routers

Woodworking projects utilize several manual and power tools to take the projects to the desired completion. Planers are tools that smoothen and shape wooden surfaces as needed and are manual or electric. The basic design consists of a flat blade attached to a handle to get the desired texture and thickness. Biscuit jointers bind two pieces of wood together by cutting a slot in the two pieces and then gluing them together. Routers will make delicate, surgical cuts, clean edges, poke holes, and trim wood.

Buildworld knows that these tools are essential in any toolkit and help you complete various projects. Our tools are solid and durable, manufactured out of the highest quality materials, and easy to use. Work efficiently with our Planers, Biscuit jointers, and Routers from Bosch, and Trend. Get these products at the best price from our online store, which comes in a range of diameters, watts, and weights.

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