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Powered Drills

Power Drills are an essential tool in every toolbox be it hammer drills, impact drivers, or others. These power tools drill holes in walls, wood, plastic, and metal.

At Buildworld, you can purchase power drills with or without a cord. Every power drill comes equipped with a safety latch and a switch to change the drill bit's rotation. Products displayed below come in different chuck sizes, measured in millimeters, where the drill bit goes. Easily switch between drill bit sizes on your power drill according to the chuck size. You can also use a screwdriver tip to make installing screws a breeze.

We stock a variety of trusted brands and styles such as Bosch to consider when choosing your power drill, we carry cordless drills as well as corded models, combi drills, drill drivers, and drill bits. When considering a power drill to purchase, an essential factor to consider is the grip's comfort. Select the right one from the choices below that suits your requirement. A benefit to using powered drills is the control you'll have when drilling a hole. You'll easily be able to adjust the speed of the drill. Find the right tool at Buildworld.

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