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Multipurpose Screws

All our multipurpose screws come in several different lengths and thread diameters for various projects while also resisting rust and corrosion. We also offer a variety of colours, and you can narrow your search by brand or drive style, such as Torq, Straight, or Pozi.

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How do Multipurpose Screws Work?

The term "multipurpose screws" might be a bit misleading. We don't mean that there is one kind of screw that works for all building materials, but rather several different screws work with many materials. Depending on your building materials' nature and size, other screw heads and lengths may be necessary.

Our multipurpose screws come with either a single thread, where the screw only has one thread running around the shank, or a high-performance twin thread, where two threads drive the screw twist as fast.

Flathead screws disappear easily into any material and are especially suitable for wood or metal. You can drive them as far down as you need before covering them.

Wafer head screws show above the material (they almost look like buttons), but they are aesthetically pleasing, especially for cabinetwork. Their broad head also clamps materials together well.

Pan head screws have tremendous holding power too, but they don't have countersunk abilities like flathead screws.

Products We Carry

The Timco PZ2 Classic Pan Head Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Screws work on softwoods and hardwoods and work ideally in environments where corrosion is likely.

Our Forgefix Multi-Purpose Pozi Compatible Zinc Yellow Passivated Screw serves the same purpose but with a protective zinc coating twenty times more powerful than a regular zinc plating.

The Timco Double Countersunk screws are ideal for pre-drilled holes and projects that require the screwhead to be flush with the surface. The Timco Self-Tapping screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling holes.

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