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Multipurpose Screws

Multi-purpose screws are fasteners that can be used on different materials such as hardwood, chipboard, and MDF, without the need for pre-drilling. These come with a deep x recess head, designed for power driving. The single, finely rolled thread allows multi-purpose screws to cut deeper into the material, providing greater holding strength. These are available in different finishes and zinc plated and can be used with impact drivers and combi drills.

Our multipurpose screws come with either a waxed single thread, where the screw only has one thread running around the shank, or a high-performance twin thread, where two threads drive the screw twist as fast. The special thread design, a multi-purpose product, comes with a special thread design, lubrication, and corrosion-resistant plating for optimal performance in different substrates such as thin sheet metal with exceptional holding power.

At Buildworld, we offer an extensive range of fixings, screws, nuts, and bolts as well as other tools designed for your exterior and interior projects. Made using carbon steel, these include Zinc and Yellow Plated, high strength, and deep threaded wood screws. We stock products from market-leading brands such as Reisser and Timco.

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