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Outdoor Screws

You'll find a wide selection of outdoor and decking screws in our shop. The Timco Solo Decking Screws Green not only comes in a fun green colour but can also withstand up to 500 hours in a moist, salty environment before rust begins to show up. Keep in mind that this particular screw works best in softwood. Also available in green, the Forgefix Pozi ST Anti-Corrosion Decking Screw is designed to allow wood to move around the screw without splitting apart. Apart from these, we have a variety of outdoor screws available. Feel free to browse through our range and select the right one based on your requirement.

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More Info on Outdoor Screws

An unspoken rule about outdoor construction jobs is to always to use screws, not nails. Outdoor exposure causes a lot of movement in wood that screws can better stand up to, thanks to the threads winding around their shanks. Most handy folks know that zinc-coated screws or nails don't rust easily. Just the same, there are other screws best meant for the outdoors.

Outdoor screws come in brass and zinc-coated stainless steel. Most building experts recommend stainless steel for outdoor use since they're exceptionally sturdy against rain and other corrosions. Brass will not rust quickly either.

Although most screws are rust-resistant, they won't last forever. Most screws last between 20-100 years, depending on weather and other factors.

When it comes to outdoor wood screws, galvanised screws are the best. Experts recommend, however, that you don't use these screws with pressure-treated wood in places with high moisture or salt content. The change in chemicals between the screw and the wood may quickly damage the screw. In that regard, stainless steel screws are your best bet for non-corroding use.

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