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Speed-Pro brand of products are available through Buildworld and offer high quality at low cost. Speed Pro brings to you everything you need for fixing and reinforcement. Here are some of the products that feature on our site.

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The Speed Pro range of screws has been specifically designed to give rapid installation into many different materials with excellent pull-out resistance. Contributing to a consistent and reliable product, this can be used in a variety of applications.

Wood Screws

From the name, it is evident that these are used with wood. The Speed Pro high-performance wood screws are designed for rapid installation with materials, offering excellent pull-out resistance. These can be used with hardwood, oak, chipboard plywood, softwood, OSB, and MDF. The speed pro unique cutting point allows you to screw close to the edge of your timber without the fear of splitting. Wax lubricated for greater resistance to corrosion and has a unique sawfix serrated thread that will reduce torque and insertion time.

Drywall Screws

These are ideal for fixing to studwalls or metals. The Speedpro collection of Drywall screws offers high quality for use without the use of drills.

Decking Screws

Speed Pro T2 Precision Decking Screws give fast and accurate fixing into deck boards and has excellent pull-out resistance without the need for pre-drilling.

Plastering Beads and Lath

Galvanized thin coat skim stop beads from Speed Pro are manufactured to BSEN standards. Used to protect thin coat plaster at edges and reveals and for supporting thin coat plaster against other wall finishes and are fixed easily.

Steel Restraint Straps

The Speed Pro Restraint Straps ensures fast and effective anchoring against uplifting forces including wind. These are used for both horizontal and vertical restraining of connecting timber roof and floor systems to a masonry wall. Also used for vertical applications, such as wall plates, and made from pre-galvanised steel strips with zinc coated edges.

Speed Pro Multi Starter

The Speed Pro Stainless Steel Wall Starter System joins new walls to existing masonry and is suitable for brick and block walls (internal and external). The Speed Pro products are engineered for outstanding strength and performance. Can be used to support floor joists and trimmers of varying depths with fully adjustable legs for joists of varying lengths.

Wall reinforcement

Expanded Metal Lathing from Speed Pro provides extra strength to a masonry system; it is also used to reinforce cracks and other refurbishment work in ceiling, walls and partition walls. The metal is engineered from high grade galvanised stainless steel suitable for internal and external applications.

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