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Tapes & Rules

At Buildworld, we have an extensive collection of high quality measuring tapes and rules to meet all your measuring requirements.

More Info On Tapes & Rules

A tape measure is a ruler which is flexible and can be made of cloth, plastic, fibreglass, or metal strip. The tape measure has measurement markings on it in a linear format and is a commonly used to measure sizes of different products. Tape measures are normally designed in such a way that it allows for a measure of great lengths easily while these are small and light and easy to carry around. It is even available as a novelty item or keychain fob.

Measuring Tapes

Tape measures are used in different applications; those used in tailoring were made from plastic or cloth, and called "sewing tapes." Measuring tapes for use in carpentry or construction are stiff and come as a ribbon made of metal. It remains stiff when extended, but coil into their storage cover once done. Such a tape measure has a floating tang or hooks at the end to aid measuring and gives you accurate readings. A tape measure of considerable length can wind into a relatively small container.


The first people to use measuring devices were Romans who utilized strips of leather with markings. Hiram A. Farrand received the patent in 1919 for his spring tape measure, which was then mass produced and sold.

In the early 1900s, carpenters started adopting H. A. Farrand’s design and are what all modern tape measures use.

The tape measure is now also available in digital form with some highly advanced displaying measurement readouts in multiple formats. Lets take a look at the types of tapes in use today!

Cloth Tape It is made of cloth with a brass handle at zero end. It is very light and useful, but and is not very accurate.

Metallic Tape Tapes made from metal are reinforced with copper. Standard metal tapes come in lengths of 20 m and 30 m.

Steel Tape These tapes use steel in its make and come in widths ranging from 6 mm to 16 mm. These also call for great care when used.

Invar Tape These expensive tapes are made from steel and nickel alloy. Again these are delicate and need to be used with great care.

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