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Brown Colour Doors

When it comes to internal doors, brown doors have traditionally been a popular choice and continue to be a favourite with designers as they mimic the rustic quality and colour of natural wood. Ideal for those wanting to recreate the look of the classic times, brown is warm, neutral, and the colour of the timber.

The modern counterparts of heavy oak doors are designed to suit modern living and decor and are mostly made of engineered wood that is stable, strong and uniform in appearance. A favourite with most owners and decor experts, the brown door is versatile and gels nicely with all kinds of interior decor and colour themes, especially with woodwork and furniture.

Buildworld offers brown doors in various finishes and sizes as these are earthy, stable and reliable. These doors are made from the finest quality wood and engineered wood and come with unique grain patterns and depth of colour. Our brown doors can be a shaker, glazed or glass in the design and in many other models to give you a host of options to select from. XL Joinery supplies these through their Isabella, Merlin and Slate ranges of interior doors.

Each is painted with a double coating of brown paint, and FSC® Certified with lipping that can be trimmed. All our internal brown doors promise longevity, are guaranteed for ten years, and carry a reasonable price tag.

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