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Internal Oak Veneer Doors

The Buildworld collection of internal oak doors includes solid as well as veneered oak doors to lend remarkable aesthetic charm backed by dependable durability. Total value for money! If you want to purchase an oak door, check out our website. Our collection comprises reputed brands such as Deanta, JB Kind and XL Joinery who manufacture high quality solid oak doors and veneered oak doors that will easily last a lifetime. You can consult with our expert team to help you select the door most suitable to the decor you have envisaged.

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Internal Solid Oak Doors

The allure of solid oak doors is irresistible, firstly, because of its unrivalled durability accompanied by the high quality natural wood grain finish. Secondly, the constitution of doors made from solid oak remains unaffected by repair work requiring reshaping or adjustments involving a few abrasive measures. Thirdly, doors made from solid oak provide better sound insulation from external noise. Fourthly, oak offers the aesthetical advantage of complementing a variety of interior designs. Lastly, Oak&rsquo's composition is both dense and stringy which allows a natural arrangement for it to behave as an insulation regulator to contain heat within its installed premises during winters and release extra heat during summers. Solid oak doors lend a natural warmth to the ambience and their intrinsic insulation feature contributes to energy saving.  

Internal Oak Veneer Doors

Oak Veneer Doors on the other hand are equally admirable in their own right when viewed through the lens of pricing. Better details in designs carved on the door’s surface are another appreciable aspect of choosing an oak veneer doors.  The occurrence of splits on the grainy surface due to sudden climate changes — a common problem with solid doors, is absent in the case of oak veneers.  However, bubbles do appear on veneered door surfaces in response to improper veneer application, which is unlikely to happen with doors manufactured by well-known brands. Warping is another affliction amongst doors made of solid woods, which does not affect oak veneer doors. Warping compromises with the insulation levels available to a property allowing cold draughts to pass through the area around the door's frame or cracks. As veneered doors host a group of planks at their core deliberately layered in opposing directions to nullify their individual warping makes veneered doors better equipped to retain their shape in conditions that cause solid wooden doors to warp. The glaring drawback of succumbing to abrasions during installations or repairs is overcome with lipping (extra layer of veneer on the sides of the door) thereby, making Oak Veneer doors as reliable as solid oak doors during installation. 

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