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Arctic Hayes

Arctic Hayes supply a wide selection of plumbing and heating essentials to people undertaking DIY work at home and professional tradespeople. Whether you are looking for tools or consumables to maintain, repair or install a new system, these premium products are ideal.

Located in Leeds, Arctic Hayes works with global suppliers to deliver innovative new products to the UK market. With a manufacturing base in China, they are able to offer a complete sourcing solution whilst using BSCI and SEDEX standards to ensure ethical methods are observed. An ISO9001:2015 accreditation shows that the company are dedicated to the principles of quality management.

The full range from Artic Hayes includes kits, which can be used to safely freeze pipes, smoke products, grease and aerosol sprays, brazing gases and soldering tools, along with alarms to detect smoke or carbon monoxide. For engineers, there are service kits and hand tools, as well as test equipment for electronics. The company also stock seals and washers in imperial or metric measurements, access panels, cleaning treatments and PPE. To ensure the space is comfortable for engineers, they have heaters, radiators and deicers.

We have a collection of Arctic Hayes products, which get the job done quickly and support a secure working environment. Our range includes Strikes Smoke Matches (Tub of 75) can be used to test gas appliances for leaks. The Classic 3g White Smoke Cartridges are designed to test the function of flumes or air filters. Tags like the Warning Unsafe Application Tag will caution passersby until the appliance has been repaired. We also stock Heating Water and Gas Identification Tape for Health & Safety and Gas Regulation compliance. To polish and clean pipes, we have Steel Wool 0.45 kg or pads to suit your preferred way of working.

Draining the mains is simpler with our Aero Disposable Freeze Kit 8-15m, which is available at our online store. We also stock the Pipe Freezer Can of 300ml and Disposable Freeze Jacket 8-22mm separately. For the safe installation of kitchen appliances, you can use Cooker Stability Chains and Cooker Restraining Chain. With the Gas Safety/Landlord Certificate Pad, you can always provide proof of your inspection and let your customers know when their next service is due. However large or small the job, our Arctic Hayes collection helps you to get it done the right way.

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