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Cure It

Located in the UK, Cure It are manufacturers of roofing materials made from GRP or Glass Reinforced Polyester. The product range is tested to a high standard in-house, it has CE marking and meets many ETAG (European Technical Approval Guidelines). This is a complete system of GRP roofing products, which includes a wet-laid laminate smoothed on top of a secure deck. The outer edges are fitted with GRP Edge Trims and finally, a Roofing Topcoat is applied. Once in place, the structure can tolerate foot traffic and won’t deteriorate in extreme heat.

In their ISO9001 facility, the business has been manufacturing and marketing its own range for more than thirty years. They have also continued to research their product and train people in how to work with this roofing system.

The Core Products at Cure It include individual resins, detail tissue and hardener to keep the system in place, these can also be purchased as part of a roofing kit bundle for people who are starting a new project. The different trims provide a neat finish, they also ensure there are no gaps in the waterproofing and provide ventilation. Finally, the Pre-Mix Topcoat Finishes are available in a range of different colours to personalise a roof and blend with the surrounding features.

To get a flat roofing project completed quickly and accurately, we can provide you with various products from the Cure It range. We have an Application Brush for detailed laminating work, along with a Complete Soft Roller for covering larger areas. Our range comprises of Angle Trim - External/Internal, Universal External Corners and Flat Flashing, so you can achieve a neat finish. Our Accessory Pack for Laminating GRP Roof includes all the products and accessories required to complete an installation in one handy package. To add a touch of colour on a GRP roof, we offer the Roofing Top Coat - Graphite Grey and if you need to reinforce some awkward or detailed areas, the Glass Bandage will take care of it.

To get the job done faster and aid with the clean-up, we also offer the Printed Mixing Bucket for precise measurements and High-Performance Hand Cleaner which is formulated to remove resin and topcoat. View the entire range of Cure It Products below.

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Cure-It Acetone 1 Litre

Not Yet Rated £8.44
Product 1

Cure-It Detail Tissue 25 meter

Not Yet Rated £10.66
Product 1

Cure-It Summer Grade Hardner

Not Yet Rated £16.58
Product 1

Cure-It Slate Granules 25Kgs

Not Yet Rated £23.82
Product 1

Cure-It Wall Fillet Trim 3 Meter

Not Yet Rated £18.71
Product 1

Cure It Raised Edge Trim 3000mm

Not Yet Rated £24.72

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