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Garden Gates

Many homes have fencing with gates providing access to the garden or garage. Since exterior gates and doors add value to your home's appeal and must stand up to outdoor conditions, selecting the right ones is essential. This is why we offer the best external gates specifically designed for your homes and gardens. Garage and garden gates mostly come in metal, wood or PVC and fibreglass in different sizes with varying millimetres and lengths so that you can create a look exactly the way you would want it. Many are treated for weather resistance and waterproof.

We offer gates of all types to build a new fence and repair old damaged ones. Besides being hardy, our gates are also easy to fit, as they come with fixings, making it simple enough to be a DIY project. Showcasing rustic designs, our gates are supplied by JB-Kind, LPD-Doors and XL-Joinery with beautiful craftsmanship, half glazed and unfinished. Our gates are made of high quality Redwood, Softwood and Pine and made with the best technology in the construction process; these are made resistant to warping, twisting and splitting compared to ordinary doors. You can select from picket gate, lattice gate, slat gate, or even gate with custom features.

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