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The Metalwork range at Buildworld displays an assortment of metal products considered essential in the building and construction industry. We offersteel lintels, wall ties, block work, and expanded metal lath as reinforcements along with structural support applications in the form of shelving reinforced brackets and galvanized brick reinforcement. Timber connectors for joist stability enhancement, fixing plates for load-bearing,angle brackets and joist hangers as anchoring devices, and restraint straps for vertical loads form the core of the metal fixings catalogue.

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Fortification of structures in construction work demands special masonry focus on the well-established convention of embedding concrete with reinforcements, wall reinforcements being the more prominent among Builders' Metalwork undertakings. Buildworld's comprehensive range of reinforcement products provides contemporary solutions for a multitude of construction requirements.

The absence of reinforcements in brick walls would engender a streak of vulnerability in vital abutments at the doors, windows, passages, floor, and ceiling areas, eventually leading to an inevitable collapse of the structure. Reinforced concrete jacketing along with FRP Structural repointing, are frequently adopted measures to impart fortification to unreinforced masonry walls. Improving flexural strengths and bolstering shear reinforcements are at the core of reinforcement undertakings, especially in unreinforced masonry walls.

Broadly, wall reinforcements increase the strength and durability of a wall and protect it from torsion, compression and bending from loads or vibrations. It also increases the wall's resistance against out-of-plane deformation and failure, buckling from water erosion, and corner failure besides retaining the aesthetic appearance of the wall. Wall reinforcements bestow multiple benefits, the most significant being resistance to vertical cracks and disintegration due to harsh weather and sudden changes in temperatures and altered levels of humidity.

The earliest wall reinforcing agents included straw and horsehair, which were mixed with mortar. Asbestos entered the scene with the advent of fibre technology, and was soon followed by fibreglass as the preferred reinforcing medium. However, steel is the more prominent material in wall reinforcement, although mild steel reinforcement has been the overwhelming choice since last 50 to 60 years, its ineffectiveness against lateral loads has prompted the introduction of high yield strength deformed (HYSD) steel bars to the reinforcement arena. These are placed within different ranges of Fe250, Fe415, Fe500, as per the design and the corresponding IS code. In rare cases, steel cables are threaded through PVC concrete pipes and tightened after the concrete hardens. This is known as post-tension reinforcement.

Reinforcement applications are unique and distinct and contingent on the wall's structure and placement. At Buildworld, we offer you a wide range of wall reinforcements that are suitable within any masonry placement-encompassing products from well-established brands-be it galvanized mesh for partitions and ceilings, coils, joist struts, clips, C bars, I bars, angles and chimney support brackets, all manufactured and quality checked to match industry standards.

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