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Reinforcement applications are unique and distinct, and contingent on the wall's structure and placement. At Buildworld, we offer you a wide range of wall reinforcements suitable for any masonry placement-encompassing products from well-established brands. It is all manufactured and quality checked to match industry standards, galvanized mesh for partitions and ceilings, coils, joist struts, clips, C bars, I bars, angles and chimney support brackets.

Fortification of structures in construction work demands special masonry focus on the well-established convention of embedding concrete with reinforcements, wall reinforcements being the more prominent among Builders' Metalwork undertakings. Buildworld's comprehensive range of reinforcement products provides contemporary solutions for a multitude of construction requirements. The Metalwork range at Buildworld displays various metal products considered essential in the building and construction industry. We offer steel lintels, blockwork, and expanded metal lath as reinforcements along with structural support applications in the form of shelving-reinforced brackets and galvanized brick reinforcement. Timber connectors for joist stability enhancement, fixing plates for load-bearing, angle brackets and joist hangers as anchoring devices, and restraint straps for vertical loads form the core of the metal fixings catalogue.

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