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Angle Beads

The Buildworld selection of Angle Beads secures incisive deliveries of consistent angle for rendered corners. The rendering guided by these angle beads would yield well defined corners thoroughly insulated against abrasive impacts.

Our collection of Perforated Thin Coat angle beads enables raising the ideal bulwark against cracking. Additionally, it prevents deterioration of plaster edges and assists in optimal rendering of corners. Ancillary tasks of sizing the beads to structural specification and creating measurable segments for plastering are effortlessly managed with aviation cutters or tin-snips and stop beads respectively, both categories of accoutrements included in the Buildworld catalogue to simply your construction solutions.

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More Info on Angle Beads

Angle beads are an excellent solution for rendering. The rendering process involves the creation of clear boundary for external corners making the angle beads highly instrumental in delivering incisive corners and act as reinforcements at sensitive junctures of the plaster layer.

Regarded as excellent rendering solutions for both internal and external processes—angle beads redouble the plaster’s durability and introduce ease in the application of the plaster ensuring crisp rendering with uniform plaster thickness.

Made from galvanized sheet metal, UPVS, stainless steel or mesh—angle beads arrive in a variety of designs catering to distinct settings. Archway corner beads as the name suggests bear specific design to create seamless edges on archway corners, while rounded corners are efficiently served by bullnose corner beads. J and L-bead offer tremendous utility with regard to wall flanges assuming the shape of the letters J or L. Paper-faced corner beads are known for their flexibility in application, easy installation, and favourable resistance to cracking. Lastly, the ubiquitous metal corner bead and its plastic variant vinyl corner bead are staple fixtures for standard corner rendering.

How do Angle Beads Work?

Angle beads are applied to returns and corners of exterior elevations. The goal of angle beads is to reinforce the current render system, which helps minimize impact damages. Nailing the beads directly on drywall and attaching them on base plaster coat with the help of an adhesive is highly recommended.

Adaptable to diverse material surfaces such as timber, concrete, masonry block or brick work—angle beads play a crucial role in maintaining the sharpness of rendered edges, especially edges in those areas that cover opening spans in a structure. As we have seen angle beads are one of the most valuable construction accessories required at our disposal during restoration work of residential and commercial properties.

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