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Joist Hangers

Joist hangers are instrumental in securing the joists to the ledger board, made from metal shaped to cover all sides of a wooden beam. They’re usually used to secure timber, decks, ceilings, and flooring. Moreover, it moors the joists, firmly lending stability to the entire structure supported by joists. Forged commonly in T-shape to accommodate wall frame connections, joist hangers bear distinct shapes to address specific functionality. Many are fashioned to cover double beams, while others are provided with connecting extensions or sloped plates. However, most are U-shaped to cover all the available sides of a joist by connecting fasteners that support wooden structures. Joist hangers are never meant to be cut or modified or used outside their original form or exceed their capacity for use.

Moreover, using the wrong one will reduce the load-bearing capacity and cause issues such as caving or worse. Invariably pre-drilled, hangers by design cannot accommodate incorrect fastening fixings, impacting cohesion. The joist hanger selection at Buildworld comprises a wide range of heavy-duty and long leg timber joists, covering an entire spectrum of angled and concealed hangers for various applications.

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